8 Extreme World Records in the Motorcycling Segment

When you talk about adventure and excitement on the road, you are bound to think about motorcycle tours worldwide. There is no denying the fact that motorbikes are often considered synonymous with adventure and where there is adventure, there is bound to be people who get an adrenaline rush making or breaking some world records. It makes your adventure motorcycle trips even more exciting if you think about all those historic records that people have made on their motorcycles.

Whether you are keen on breaking any of these records or just want to read more about the extremes that people can go to with their motorbikes, here is a list of the top 7 most epic world records in the motorcycling segment.

The best motorcycling records in the world

It is quite astonishing to see the extremes that people go to in order to see their name etched in history holding an extreme world record. Listed below are not just the regular speeding motorcycle records but those extreme records that are absolutely unbelievable.

  1. Claiming to be the longest ride ever

  2. When you talk about a longest ride, people may generally perceive this record is to do with the distance travelled on bike but Bharatsihn Parmar, the record holder, has given a completely new perspective. His ‘longest’ ride is a 54-foot long bike, which he rode to enter the world records.
  3. Fastest speed dragged by motorbike

    Speeding records while riding a bike are one thing and speeding records while being dragged by a bike are quite another. Gary Rothwell had a speeding Suzuki Hayabusa drag him at the speed of 250 kmph while he held onto the back of the bike wearing his 2 mm-thick titanium soles shoes.
  4. Scooter taking you places

  5. Lloyd Weema took his love for a 49CC scooter to a completely new level by riding it to the farthest distance of 1883 km ever travelled by a scooter.
  6. Heaviest motorcycle carried on the stairs

  7. Montystar Agarwal holds the world record of carrying a 110 kgs bike up and down eight stairs.
  8. Longest office chair train pulled by a motorbike

  9. As weird as this may sound, students from Driestar College of Netherlands created a world record of having 22 of them on 22 office chairs tied together, pulled by a Yamaha Scrambler.
  10. Balancing a motorcycle on head

  11. Not all records here are to do with riding a motorbike; Gerard Jessie holds the record of balancing a motorcycle on his head for the longest time.
  12. Longest motorcycle ride with a standing rider

  13. Ratnesh Pandey has another longest motorcycle riding record but with a difference. The rider here rode the motorbike by standing on the seat instead of sitting on it.
  14. Longest Motorcycle Trip in a Country

  15. One more Indian rider Manigandan Manjunathan made his country proud by entering his name in Guinness Book of World Records in the motorcycling segment. The record for the longest motorcycle journey in a single country that is 5,000 km (3,100 miles).

The above records during a motorcycle expedition require a great amount of grit and determination on the part of the motorcyclists. While it is good to read about them and applaud them for their record-worthy work, it is important to understand that these motorcyclists receive special training and are usually on guided motorcycle tours. Hence, attempting these records with limited training and assistance can prove to be rather risky.

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