Best Biker Girl Outfits for Women’s Motorcycle Tours

Women’s motorcycle tours act as refreshing breaks from monotonous routine life. These road tours offer you unique opportunities for exploring new destinations, learning new cultures, and interacting with vibrant locals. Every year many reputed biking clubs organize women’s only ride, where everyone from guides, instructors, to participants are female.

kerala motorcycle tours women motorcyclist
Avenne McBride, A Women’s Motorcycle Tour Operator – Source: Two Wheeled Expeditions

They chalk out special routes keeping in mind the safety of riders and make exceptional lodging arrangements so than ladies do not feel any challenges during the touring session. In these trips, along with having a high-performance cruiser bike, you also require appropriate gears. Here is a list of top four outfits for motorcycle tours for women.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a must-have during bike trips, especially if you plan it during winter. They protect you from harsh cold weather and at the same time raise your style quotient by quite a few notches. Another advantage of investing in a good quality branded leather jacket is it last for a long time. You get full value for money in these products.

Source: LeatherUp

Though synthetic jackets cost less, it is beneficial if you do not fall for their trap. Their color fades and stitches fall apart within a few months if you use them regularly during the female motorcycle tour. Leather jackets, on the other hand, offers you uninterrupted service year after years.

Stretchable Jeans

No outfit can offer you the same comfort level as a good quality stretchable jeans pant during biking trips. You can effortlessly man oeuvre the bike on sharp corners while wearing jeans. Other outfits like cotton trousers or salwar suits always have a chance getting tucked in the front forks or foot guards.

Source: Tumblr

When you have jeans as your companion, you can look forward to a stress-free road trip. These days, there are many shades of jeans in blue and black available at supermarkets and online boutiques. Buy the best one according to your budget and preference.

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Comfortable Sport-shoes

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

While embarking on a bike tour always settle for comfortable sport-shoes. You can effortlessly apply the brake and shift the gear-pedal with this footwear. These breathable shoes also prevent leg fatigue, and you can wear them continuously for several hours. There are negligible chances of developing foot sores or other dermal infection when your legs get a continuous inflow of air. They also come in several colors and designs, so there is a wide array of products to choose from.

Stylish Headband

Source: Tumblr

Hair can become messy during long rides. The best to manage unruly hair is tying them into a neat ponytail and wearing a designer headband over them. It does not allow the hair to come over to your face and interrupt your vision. Go for a slightly broader band for long bike tours as the thin bands do not offer coverage against high wind velocity. Some girls also prefer a scarf to entirely cover the head so that dust and pollution do not affect their hair.

These were the top four women outfits for long bike trips. Browse through online fashion- portals to select the best products according to your choice and budget.

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