5 Adventure Motorcycling Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Are you an adventure enthusiast? If you have a knack for the ultimate adventure in life, the latest trend of adventure motorcycling is here to push up your adrenaline! Know about all of the latest adventure motorcycling trends you should not miss out!

The segment of adventure motorcycling has been the bright spot in the otherwise slow economy of the motorcycle industry in the modern era. However, what is exactly an adventure motorcycling? And what are the latest trends associated with adventure motorcycling that you should know about?

Most of the adventure motorbikes or motorcycles are known to share some common specifications including a decent fuel range, crash bars, sufficient suspension travel, and so more. With the help of the high-end adventure bikes, the adventure bikers go out on a thrilling motorcycle adventure in Ladakh and other areas of wilderness in India.

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As far as the definition of adventure motorcycling is concerned, there are several speculations about the same. For some, it is referred to as riding your bike on dirt instead of the pavement. At the same time, for some riders, the overall dirt is not challenging until it involves something technical as well as challenging.

If you are a motorcycle fanatic and love the concept of adventure motorcycling, here are some of the top trends you should know about:

  1. Adventure Bikes on the Go: With the rise of the popularity of adventure biking, the adventure bikes have also gained huge momentum in the modern era. Royal Enfield tour India on some of its high-end adventure and off-road bike models is highly sought-after by the thrill-lovers out there. The famous bike brand Royal Enfield is known to feature a myriad of top-class adventure-based motorbikes that can be toured upon on hilly terrains and rough off-roads easily.

  2. North is the Way: As far as the location of adventure motorcycling in India is concerned, most of the bikers prefer heading northwards wherein the mountains reside. Some of the most common routes for adventure biking in India are the Himalayas including Leh & Ladakh. Some other areas that are favorites amongst the riders are Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, and even some parts of South India.

  3. Biking Certification: While your passion for adventure biking is completely innate most of the time, there are others who prefer going for an in-depth certification course as well. In India, there are several adventure biking certification courses available with Saddleshore being the most famous one.

  4. The Worse, the Better: When you are riding your bike in the city, it is a common notion to expect gliding roads. However, when it comes to adventure biking or off-roading, the concept of “the worse, the better” applies effectively. There is more thrill in overcoming tough road challenges including potholes, rough terrains, and so more.

  5. Adventure Motorcycle Travel: While going on a ride is a different approach; adventure motorcycle travel is relatively a newer concept in this arena. You get to combine your thrill for adventure motor biking with traveling across the country.

Have great fun during your next adventure motorcycling ride! Follow these trends and become a trendsetter in your own rights