5 Tips on How to Pack for your Motorcycle Tour

Do you like adventure motorbiking? Are you planning for a motorcycle tour in the coming days? If these are related to you, then you have browsed to the perfect blog post which would help you in packing your bags before commencing the tours. As you already know, motorcycle tours in Asia can be exhaustive and challenging unless you plan meticulously before executing them.

Packing your bags is a crucial part of the planning phase as you need to follow specific rules in these trips unlike family holidays or leisure getaways. Here are the top five packing-tips which would make motorcycle tours worldwide a memorable experience.

1. Selection of Bag

The shape, size, and types of bags matter a lot during bike tours. It is inadvisable to carry a backpack during long motorcycle tours in India as you may hurt your back in the process. A good quality saddle bag would be the right choice for conveniently packing your essentials.They come with several pockets where you can keep crucial items. It also provides additional cushioning for the pillion rider. You may even use an extra water-proof covering to protect its content during heavy rain. If you are going on a long trip, then you can carry an additional magnetic tank bag. It does not compromise with the riding safety or obstruct your views. Moreover, it becomes convenient while pulling out maps or guide books while driving.

2. Essential Items to Pack

source: www.hiconsumption.com

Carry a waterproof motorcycle jacket as Indian weather is always unpredictable; it would protect you during unseasonal rain. Always coat your body with a generous amount of sunscreen or you may end up with getting tanned or skin rashes. So carry a new pack of sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your body from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Do not forget to put all your clothes in a waterproof trash bag and then keep them in your luggage.

3. Do not Forget the Power Banks

source: www.gearpatrol.com

These days, human beings are very much dependent on electronic gadgets like smartphone and tabs. They help you in deciding the shortest route, nearest petrol pumps, and the best eatery in the location. Since you may not be able to charge these gadgets for long duration during the trip, packing power bands keep them running for an extended period.

4. Keep First-aid and Food Poisoning Medicine Handy

source: www.greatamericantrek.com

There are always some chances of getting hurt, stung by insects, or experiencing a bad stomach ache after having food from local restaurants during a motorcycle expedition. Carrying a first box including band aids, disinfectant, antiseptic cream and lotion along with essential medicines for fever, food poisoning takes care of emergencies during the tour.

5. Carrying Cash along with Debit and Credit Cards

carry cash for motorcycle trip

Every place on your trip may not have shops accepting electronic modes of payment. It primarily happens when you decide to explore remote locations. Having enough cash in hand proves useful while buying necessary commodities like petrol, drinking water, dry foods, or soft drinks.

This was, in brief, top 5 packing tips to help you before you set out on a motorcycle tour.

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