And so it begins – Women Riders World Relay

Sturgis Chick

The dream that was born in August of last year became a reality on February 27, 2019. Hayley Bell started both the idea for a round-the-world relay ride for women motorcyclists, and the ride itself at John O’Groats Scotland in the UK that day.

Dozens of riders took turns carrying the baton that will hopefully make its way through more than 80 countries over the next year before it makes its way back to England. After a week and a half of winding its way through Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England, the baton arrived in London and was greeted by an excited crowd at the Ace Cafe.

As the women of WRWR were taking turns carrying the baton for the first ten days of the relay, six WRWR Administrators made their way to London for the Ace Cafe event, the official launch of the round-the-world relay. Our Admin team is…

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