Experience Rajasthan on a Motorcycle Tour

If there is one thing that truly defines adventure traveling, it has to be adventure Motorbiking. Whether you are a biking enthusiast or not, if you have always loved the idea of having an adventurous holiday, you would surely have listed a motorcycle expedition on your bucket list and that being said, Rajasthan is one of the best places that you can visit in India for a fulfilling and enriching motorbiking trip with your friends or even as a lone explorer.

Best Rajasthan Motorcycle Tours

Rajasthan, or the Land of Kings as the name literally translates to, is one of the most loved tourist destinations in India not just by Indians but also by foreign tourists. With its rich and exotic history, colorful culture and traditions that represent charisma of the royal Rajputs, a holiday trip here will undoubtedly be an absolutely memorable experience.

Indian Biking Tours

Apart from the hospitality of the people, Rajasthan is a place that has a story in every nook and corner. Hence, the different cities of this largest state in India by area are best explored on a bike. This is the reason why a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour is a very popular and highly in demand.

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What to look forward to when on a motorcycle tour in Rajasthan?

Rajasthan tour motorcycles

The enormous forts, beautiful and majestic palaces, awe-inspiring temples and absolutely stunning lakes make up most of Rajasthan, but there is a side to it that is absolutely surreal and that’s the desert. The Thar Desert is captivating as well as charismatic. With a motorcycling trip, you can best explore the beauty of the desert as you ride on the sand dunes to reach your desert camp.

While there are many India motorcycle tours, there is a special place for a motorbiking adventure in Rajasthan as it takes you to a completely new level of adventure and peace, at the same time.

While on your motorbiking journey in Rajasthan will already be marvelous with the presence of some of the best sightseeing wonders of India, what truly makes this biking trip out-of-the-world experience is the rich culinary spread that the region is known for.

If you are a food lover, you would love to ride along the many streets of Jaipur or Bikaner and indulge in traditional Rajasthani cuisine for some truly cherished memories of your holiday. Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Mount Abu are all places that your biking trip should ideally cover to give you the best ‘Rajasthan’ experience that you could have ever dreamt of.

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The final words

The motorcycle tours worldwide are popular among the youth but of late, it has been noted that people in their mid-thirties or early forties are also keen in participating in adventure trips. For these people, Rajasthan biking tour can be most perfect as the biking terrains aren’t too exhaustive yet challenging enough.

Another very interesting think to note that makes a biking trip to Rajasthan very popular is that the state is surrounded by Punjab, Haryana and Delhi with inter-connected highways making it very convenient for travelers to extend their holiday plans.

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