Kick Starting an Adventure Motorcycle Blog

After pretending as a consultant for the past 21 years, I have exploited a number of international assignments by changing them into opportunities to ride my motorcycle around the world. Wandering all along with a BMW GS around the Globe for seven months, I finally came to my senses and turned my passion of adventure into a successful business. I am working and riding in many countries for more than 10 years & finally decided to start giving Blogging Tips for Motorcycle Tours.

Why Adventure Motorcycle Blog?

A blog is an extremely good way to express your emotions about the things you love the most, in my case Motorcycling. Travel blogging is a very popular among youngsters. WordPress is one of the best places to start your travel blog as there are so many examples of travel blogs already there to take inspiration from.

What’s in the name?

Name is a very big thing if you are starting a Motorcycle Blog as it could be confused with so many things. “Big Bikers Blog” is what I chose for mine. It is short and to the point. Make sure that your name stands out from other long and cluttered ones.

Why to be a Social Bee?

No travel blog can survive without Social Media which includes media buttons, number of current followers, direct social profile links etc. An impressive Instagram post should also be displayed on every page, as well as below each blog post entry.

How to make it stand out?

Content and color scheme are two most important factors for any travel blog to succeed. Make a thumb rule to write quality content with no spilled garbage. The color scheme is a real standout feature of my adventure motorcycle blog. A combo of bright colors & bold text grab the attention of visitors and help give the blog a fun & refreshing look.

One Image Thousand Stories

The Power of images or even videos is eternal. One can get endless emotions burst inside his body on seeing a beautiful image. High resolution images on blog is my top priority. There are many paid as well as free resources. It would be best if you post your own pictures with appropriate captions.

Wrapping Up

With this I would conclude my first article on this new Motorcycle Blog. It will be awesome to share tips and tricks with all visitors I will make in future. Writing is not of one of my skills but I know how to express without hesitation. I am also looking forward to find amazing people in my niche to collaborate with.

Carpe Diem! “seize the day”


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